Red Large Vicky Giraffe Print Faux Leather Satchel Bag Handbag Purse


This Red Large Giraffe Print Handbag Purse is one of Amazon favourite accessories. Clean lines, neat stitching and durable faux leather make this tote a sophisticated must-have for everyday use. The reviews on Amazon say that it looks like an expensive purse at a bargain price.

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Giraffe Print Handbag  features and specifications:

Giraffe Print Handbag Weight: 1 pound

Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds

Colors available: Red, Fuchsia and Lime green


Giraffe Print Handbag Reviews


This Red Large Giraffe Print Handbag is very popular. Most of the online reviews are very positive.  Many people commented on how durable the purse looks, and that it also looks an expensive one and that they have seen similar handbags for over 250$ Some people seem to think that this bag is big enough to carry everything they need to carry. Others think this is too small to travel with passports and everything else you carry when you go on holiday. Others think this is too big and they would prefer a smaller size one. Many people have commented also that they got many compliments by using this purse. They also said the interior of the purse is perfect with two zips, and a pocket for your mobile phone. They also mentioned that the large straps of the bag make it comfortable for you to carry.


A couple of reviews mentioned that the zip does not close completely to the end, so it leaves a space for things to fall off. A couple of people complained of the quality of the bag, and as mentioned above one person thought it was too small whilst two others thought it was too big.

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Considering these reviews we found out that many people were happy and were recommending the purse to other people. We therefore would recommend this Red Large Giraffe Print handbag as a great gift for moms.


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